eLearning Trends 2020: Hot graphic design styles to rock your slides

Graphic design, from print to web and right onto our eLearning and presentation slides, evolves constantly. With evolution comes the need to keep up — it’s survival of the fittest, and all that, right?

To help you make sure that your projects have that “all-new decade” look and feel, we’ve done the work for you by sorting out predictions made by across the internet. These are the steps we took:

  • We captured the top lists of graphic design trends for 2020.
  • We distilled these lists down for trends that apply to slide-based project creation.
  • We delivered our own shiny new list showing the trends in action … read on!

To illustrate the trends here, we’re making over a single slide from a public domain slide deck offered by OSHA. Informational, great as a start if you need to present on the subject, but a wee-bit old school and, yeah, a little text-heavy.

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