eLearning Design – 38 Slide Design Tips from the Pros – eLearningArt

When your eLearning slides look great, viewer engagement increases, your instructional voice is enhanced, and you hear “I love it!” more often.

But for those of us who aren’t trained designers, slides can be a struggle.

Early in my eLearning development career, I always felt a little cringe-y about my slide designs… It was just embarassing to feel like I couldn’t make good-looking slides.

Now I realize that there are some easy tricks-of-the trade that jump start great design. Recently I got curious to learn what the experts might name as their own jump starts.

So I asked a bunch of them one simple question:

What’s your #1 tip for designing a great eLearning slide?

And their responses are golden!

Here’s a quick video summary of all the tips…