By Craig WeissThe Guide – When the Unexpected happens

Hummingbird. For whatever reason, I have a hummingbird that is a feeder snob. They won’t use the bigger container of nectar, oh no, they want the small one – made for one. When it is out, I swear it gives me a look multiple times from my window, waiting for a refill, as if they are in charge and I am just a hummingbird serf.

I had a plan you see, we see a lot of hummingbirds and thus I thought let’s add this container one that sticks to my office window for them all. It was logical to me, since the hummingbirds use other feeders on our property. What I didn’t anticipate was a hummingbird feeder snob. I didn’t have a plan.

I found the right size feeder for this picky hummingbird. They are happy and use it frequently. I am happy because watching a hummingbird is relaxing, except when they give me the evil eye, for it being out of nectar.

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