Are we turning into Performance Mgt?

As a former training exec, very few words in our space scare me. One such, or actually two such words that do, are performance management.  Talk to anyone who runs training and ask them if they want to work under L&D or HR and see them cringe and respectfully decline.

Ask them if they see themselves training folks as part of or ALL of performance management and view disgust and hear statements to the contrary. 

I still remember the days of folks saying that LMSs and thus all learning systems would soon become performance management platforms, and that the days of LMSs are dying. 

I scoffed at this idea.  But, now I am starting to worry.  Because now, performance management is being shoved into this box known as learning, and learning , led mainly by folks with an L&D background (not everyone mind you, but plenty) is being morphed into performance management.

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