Ten Working Smarter Hacks You Can Use Right Now

In these particularly stressful times, when many people are stretched between virtual work and monitoring virtual schooling, it’s a good time to be as efficient with work as possible. These working smarter hacks might be just what you need.

I’m no productivity expert, but I’ve gleaned lots of tips from productivity books, podcasts and personal experimentation. You can also get my list of free or low-cost apps that help you stay focused and get more productive.

Productivity isn’t about becoming an automaton. It’s about focusing when it’s time to focus, getting work done and having time for the rest of your life.

1. Know Where You Spend Your Time

Does it seem like the day just disappears before you’ve completed the priority tasks that need to get done? You may think that you are focused on work for hours a day, when you are really spending more time than you realize on social media, news or shopping sites.

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