Expect 2 C in Learning Systems 2021

Some of you are thinking, why is he using “2” and “C” as the title of the piece?  Well, why not?  I mean, when you consider that “communities” in learning systems are roaring back (although in all honesty, they never left), as though it is some whiz and wow thing, having a “2” to represent “two” and “C” to represent “see” isn’t so outrageous is it?  

Now, knowing that Bananas Foster in dairy-free ice cream is an actual flavor you can buy at the grocery store, when such flavors as Rocky Road dairy-free is not, now that it is outrageous.  I demand an investigation.

COVID and Learning Systems

One would think that learning systems as a whole, would recognize the vast implications that the virus is having on the entire corporate market.

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