By Craig WeissTop 10 LXPs for 2020

It’s that time of the year.  Awards coming out from analyst firms, sites, and anywhere and everywhere.  It’s like Granny’s potluck.  Some are delicious and inviting. Others are inviting but ensure that you can make it to the facilities in the fastest amount of time possible. 

And yes, others that make sense. Seems scrumptious, after all, your favorite aunt made it from scratch.  It has won all types of awards, best in the British Cake Cook-off.  Best, in the Coventry Fair.  Tops in the WebWorld recipe contest.

You feel thrilled.  Oh, this is going to really be swell. 

And initially it is.

Then three hours later, you are cursing your aunt.

Awards should be based on numerous factors, numerous variables to consider.

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