By Craig WeissTalent Development Platforms – R Here

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more niche segments in the learning system space, I’m sorry to say, “nope, there is one more.”  But this new segment, while niche today, by 2025, will be the second biggest segment in the learning system space.  

Niche today.  Behemoth within four years. 

Talent Development Platforms are made up of three core components, and if thus if someone says we are a talent development platform and lacks any of the three, then no, you are not.  A Talent management system is not a TDP. Nor is a performance management system.  

The number of talent development platforms as of today is quite small. By the end of 2021, I am projecting at least 50.  Granted, you could say that is still small, a blip if you will, but let’s remember in the first year of the LXP space, there were around 15.

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