By Craig WeissRFI – Your Success is Riding on the Right Information

When I was working on a doctorate I had one class where there was a requirement for a term paper due each week (on a Monday). The professor made it clear that the minimum number of pages for each paper was 10.

I never asked them why 10 and not say more. I figured out the less part, somehow they had deduced that to get your point across tied to data (hi endnote), the number was 10. Often times, I would go past 10 pages. I never wrote (to my recollection) one that was 20 or 30 pages in length.

In middle school and high school, I had teachers that would assign term papers. I can recall only one with a set minimum, and that was a middle school history teacher. That number was 10.

Nobody ever got thrilled about writing a term paper. Not in middle school, high school, college, post-graduate and so forth.

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