By Craig WeissA Look Back at 2020 for E-Learning

It’s that time of the year, when perspectives from all types of entities are published, reviewing 2020, from insight to best of this or that to why, your local sanitation person continues to leave a trash item in your can, after they supposedly emptied it – a travesty, I say, a travesty. 

I always found it disturbing on the number of people who send out those “What we did in X year” reviews.  It was odd to see people refer to themselves in 3rd person, as though they are narrators for a holiday documentary.  No one ever seems to have misery or suffering.  Everything is awesome – which reminds me is that what Facebook is for? 

Well, this isn’t going to be on of those “look backs”, nor one where I talk in 3rd let alone fourth person (is there such a thing? If not, I’m the first to announce it).

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