Wanted – Instructional Designer

Talent. How many of you out there today are looking to hire an instructional designer? How many of you have been forced err assigned to create e-learning courses, and have no experience or limited experience in doing so?  How many of you who have been offered this amazing opportunity use a rapid course authoring tool?   How many of you, have experience in instructional design but only from the ILT or paper-based perspective?

How many of you, are familiar with terms such as ADDIE?  How many of you know why WBT was created or how it is different than CBT or why hummingbirds seem to swarm my feeder as though they are starved for juice? Ever heard of a flower? 

On a recent post on LinkedIn, I talked about SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and why they should not be the people creating your course/content.  I was surprised by the number of responses and views (all of which were great, BTW).

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