Top 10 LXP/DLP Mid-Year Rankings

The market continues to grow, but with that growth numerous changes are taking place. Because of my new approach to the rankings for 2021, mid-year rankings are part of the selection process, and tracking of the Top 10, and those out of the top 10, will continue right up to final rankings for 20-21 for LXP/DLP and then the top five are placed into a “pool” if you will, of other top-ranked learning systems in various verticals and horizontals, for consideration in the 2021-22 Top 20 Rankings.

Prior to jumping into the rankings, here are some key takeaways that is happening right now in this segment of the industry.

Key Takeaways

1. The term LXP is fading. More and more vendors are calling themselves digital learning platforms (DLP).  Which is really the best route to go.

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