The Business of Learning

Pick a number.  Any number.  Better yet, let me toss you with some numbers. You have a dollar, I give you ten cents back.  Now, you are thinking to yourself, “I’ve been ripped off, I only got ten cents for my dollar.”  The next day, you give me another dollar and I give you 90 cents back.  Your response, knowing that the day before I gave you 10 cents, is going to likely be that you received a good deal.  In reality though, I have kept 10 cents from you.

But in your mind, the 10 cents originally, now 90 cents, is a sweet heart of a return.  Welcome to the Business of Learning.

It’s in the numbers

Let’s face it the whole corporate and even education space is about numbers.  If you want to have a program not cut at a university, you need the numbers to support saving it.

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