LMS or LXP – Confused?

In the past few months, pre-pandemic and in our current state, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people on the consumer side (i.e. not suppliers), on what they are seeking in a learning system, often noting the LMS and an LXP.   Some want a hybrid of the two, others want features that they believe may not exist in one system or another.  Some are unaware or unsure of what exists in an LXP, which creates added confusion and leads to the mythical hybrid LMS/LXP.

Sure a vendor can say we are an LXP, but an LMS too or vice versa.  Part of the problem is that many LXPs are adding features to make themselves an LMS, but still pushing the narrative we are not an LMS.   LMS vendors, on the other hand, are adding LXP features, to counter, and in some marketing may note, learning experience blah blah.  

I have seen a few posts on LinkedIn by people calling a learning system – learning software.

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