Digital Learning Platforms In, LXP out

There is an old story about branding.  It goes something like this.  If after a few years, nobody can recall your name, or remember your name or even associate your name with the type of product you are, then you need to change your name.

Actually, it isn’t an old story.  I just created it, but it is so true.

LXPs have this problem.  A chunk of the audience doesn’t know what one is – i.e. an LXP. Another percentage is still trying to ascertain what is the difference between LXPs and LMSs.  Another percent has never heard of an LXP and some people only are aware of a brand and thus refer to the systems under the guise of that brand.

Thus, the segment of the learning system space has a branding issue, but within the LXP moniker, some people can recall a couple of systems, by name, not by type of solution.

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