By Craig WeissWhy did you buy your learning system?

We all believe we make the right decisions. Sure, there are times we second guess ourselves afterward, for any number of reasons.

Some due to a last-minute, “I need this” near the checkout lane. Others, a “well I did the research, but I am having second thoughts,”. Perhaps it is an intensive search, analysis, comparison, contacting, repetitive follow-up, and then, just when you think it is done, someone else isn’t sure, so the whole thing comes crashing down, and the process goes into limbo.

Maybe, just maybe you are ready to purchase, the decision is made, everything is set, just a signature is required. New System X is announced that it is coming out and is made by a well-known brand or a brand that you hear is great, didn’t like the first time around, but this is a new version, and just perhaps, perhaps it is a better fit. So, you hold.

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