By Craig WeissTop 75 Learning Systems in 2022

I remember the very first time. The first time that I saw myself appearing in ads in Mexico with some pretty spiffy bell bottom jeans, striped no less. Then there was the entire ensemble, shirt and jeans. I was only seven. A star in the making. Just as I remember those fond memories (okay, I don’t recall them, just remember seeing the ads when I was much older), I remember the day I said, there has to be more to this, when it came to seeing rankings of learning systems.

Top 10 is quite common (yes, I do one too, actually two – end of the year and beginning of the year). Top 20 – been there, done that. Years ago, I created lists internally, Top 50, Top 100, Top 250 – but never made them public, well, not until last year, when I published the Top 100 Learning Systems for 2021.

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