By Craig WeissTop 10 Learning Systems for 2021

Well, here we are.  A new year, and well, new rankings for 2021.  For those new, each year, I publish what I see will be the top 10 systems for the coming year, based on a set of criteria (which will be listed shortly).  Roadmaps play a role here, and ties into track records of previous roadmaps.  For example, if a vendor says we will do this in X year, but in the previous years, their roadmap completion rate is 35%, then the probability they will do everything on their roadmap for the upcoming year, is remote. 

When a system says they are forward-thinking, a roadmap really comes into play.  Especially with what they have listed on said roadmap.  Too many people focus on features now, and on top of that, what the vendor says is coming.

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