By Craig WeissThe NexGen Learning System Rankings for 2021

Is it me or does it seem that people are really nice around this time of the year? Some of these folks can be well, let’s just say coal is quite popular, the only time of the year.  When I first went to the UK, I remember seeing happy Christmas everywhere I went.  Nowadays? Merry Christmas.

I still do not get the whole boxing day event, over there, even though it has been explained to me, and I read up on it, to be in the “know”.  Christmas pudding is, definitely, or can be a delight. The first time I heard of it, I thought, Fruit Cake, which in the states, could be used as a fine paperweight or a lethal weapon (do not try this at home).   Yet, I found Christmas pudding to be quite delicious. It’s not pudding, it is a “cake” that some people make months in advance and let sit there on their counter.

I bring up all these fine festivities because this is the time of the year to remember.

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