By Craig WeissThe Learning Systems to Watch in 2022

Each night, I stand out looking at the night sky, seeing all the stars. I always see a couple of planets, which I have no idea who they are, so I just guess – Mars is always there. I openly admit, I am waiting though for something else to appear. An anomaly, that shouldn’t be there or be seen. In my time here, at my desert oasis, I have seen a couple of “what is that?” objects. I want to tell everyone what I just saw, but as any good fellow, tell a few friends, who nod in approval or disbelief.

I see a lot of learning systems in any given year. Each of them, declaring themselves as a “star”, as a shining representative of outstanding learning or training or some combo of the two. Nobody has mentioned their system as a planet, but I am waiting for the day, when a vendor who has nothing to lose, compares another vendor to Pluto (RIP) and themselves to Earth.

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