By Craig WeissReader’s Mailbag – You Ask, I Answer

For those of you old enough to remember, you used to wait for the mail to arrive and there would be a lot of letters. Apply for a job? Go thru the newspaper’s Wanted Ads, check out the gig, circle it, then send them a letter. Most of the time, unless you lived in a large city, you would get the national papers or bigger city papers to look for said job. The idea of using the Internet to find a job, well it just wasn’t available. Even we the net started (consumer wise), people continued to look for a job thru the newspaper.

The mail. Sending letters, actually writing them, or typing them (via this thing called a typewriter or if lucky a word processor) was the way to go. I remember my first dot matrix printer with the dual floppy disk CPU. Typing letters was quite fast.

We seem to have forgotten about those days.

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