By Craig WeissMicrosoft Viva – The Answers you are Seeking

I remember when Internet Explorer appeared for the first time on the net. Netscape was the dominant player, and while there were a couple of other browsers, everyone I knew used Netscape, and only used AOL when they could get 30 days free – (The CD). I looked at IE, and was under impressed. But others jumped and in time, there wasn’t a Netscape to be found, IE dominated. I never cared for IE, and would use alternative browsers when ever possible, Maxathon (still around), Opera (still around), Avant to mention a few.

IE though retained its dominance of usage, even with Firefox. Once Chrome came though it changed, and after years of market domination, IEs lead was gone. Edge, which I use, finally did what I was waiting for, but it took the use of Chromium, not built by Microsoft to make it happen.

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