By Craig WeissLet the Rants Begin – Learning System Edition

If anyone has had a concussion and then suffered through post-concussion, you will likely bounce over onto the internet and see all those “medical experts”. Apparently, it can be resolved in one month. Wait, no, three months. Hold on. Perhaps a year or more.

For me, it has lasted nearly three months, which allows one to do a lot of pondering. I would try to figure out how I ended up with the concussion, what caused me to go airborne and how the wood table pushed back a couple of feet. But, just like so many folks who get a concussion, I can’t recall.

Which only adds to the frustration. I merely note this because a few times a year, I look at the e-learning industry, with a heavy dose towards the learning system space, and then a few droplets on other e-learning solutions.

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