By Craig WeissLearn Amp Product Review

Learn Amp is a learning system that is somewhat a challenge to describe, and this is by no means in a bad way. At one time it was an LXP, but it has (as many others in this segment have done) expanded out by adding LMS functionality, along with additional feature sets for folks wanting a bit of talent development, but not a full-blown talent development platform (which as noted in a previous post requires three key items). Thus, they are not a TDP. Nor are they an LMS or an LXP.

Rather they are a learning ecosystem.

An ecosystem requires the following:

  • Learning capabilities – nowadays these would include playlists/channels, beyond the usual learning paths, assigning content to a person or a group/team or everyone or a certain location, and so forth (which most systems do BTW).
  • Metrics beyond the basics.

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