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Routines. We all have them. It may be as simple as drinking coffee each morning, watching the news. Perhaps, it is having tea, reading the latest news on the Internet or in the newspaper. We can’t seem to break this routine. We may try to mix it up, and there are days where we can’t maintain our routine due to other commitments, but we really would prefer to follow our routine.

It’s simple, you know. It makes our day; we do not feel “alive,” if you will, without our routine. At work, whether you are 100% working from home, or about to go hybrid, or are 100% in the office, you likely follow a routine. Sure, you will have Zoom or similar types of meetings. You have work to do, but you may take lunch every day at a certain time. Back when everyone was in the office, you probably went over to the common area at a certain time.

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