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I moved several months ago. I didn’t know what to expect in my town. I fell in love with the mountain views, having the extensive property in the desert. I was anticipating the summer, the intense heat (which actually isn’t that bad), I knew what I thought I knew.

Then the deer started to appear. Next, a few bobcats, roadrunners, and quail. What I saw next, though, I had no idea even existed. Javelinas. I read what I could, and then put out water containers for them.

Nowadays, between 6 and 7 p.m., I watch them, my own National Geographic episode. I named a few regulars – Fang, Pig Pen, Racer, Punk, and Howard Hughes.

I have learned a lot about them, observing them from afar. I went about adding my own “integrations” if you will to further enhance my own experience. Recording them with a video cam.

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