Association Learning System Rankings

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  Helping me with today’s post is Voodoo, who is sitting, looking out the window, Spirit who is snoozing by me, and Cali, who is somewhere, no doubt exploring how to dig holes and chase squirrels.  Yes, a very eventful day. Best of all, this home workforce acts as a security company for only dog treats and belly rubs.

I hope wherever you are, you are safe and well.  And if you have any pets, giving them treats and belly rubs.

The Association market is by far, IMO, one of the top three markets, that as a vendor, you should be in.  In the past, I’ve always listed the association mkt within the B2B/Customer Education, because it does fit nicely within.

Now though, I am pulling it from B2B and listing it as a separate entity.

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