744 New eLearning Character Images (and other goodness, too!)

Wow! It’s September already. We’re turning the corner toward year-end, and all the fun that brings!

This month, we’ve got a new guy bursting on the scene, a couple of fun design treatments, and a few other good things to share with you.

No snow — believe it or not — but soon, I promise!

Today, in addition to being a great day, was also a big day for the Jones household. I’ll tell you about that just a lil’ bit later!

Welcome aboard, Hakim! 

It’s my pleasure to introduce Hakim to the eLearningArt membership library! 744 images of pure usefulness!

Why? Well, this guy has an unwavering ability to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in a character: poise, energy, and variety, slide-sparkling good looks, and lots of emotive poses that get your ideas across, zing!.

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