Types of Learning Systems

Let me ask you an honest question.  What is your personality type?  Are you a Type A?  Maybe a Type B?  I was once told by a CEO, that I was a Type A ultra even more so then her. I felt honored.  I should have asked for a raise. 

The notion of types of personalities, aligns in some ways with types of systems, in that there is a lot of leeway in terms of what it actually means, with some folks saying this, when in fact it is that. 

There is no better place to see this then our fine world of e-learning, which was devised to be an umbrella term for everything that is well, online learning.  An LMS thus is under e-learning. Authoring tool? e-learning.  WBT? e-learning.  Nowadays though, vendors have changed the message to mean e-learning as in e-learning courses and not an umbrella term.  

Confusion Exists.

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