How to build an effective online course

I thought it would be easy.  Easy to find information on how to build an effective online course (aka as WBT).  I thought a few pages into Google and something would be viewable for everyone to understand.

Then I did the search.  And repeated it six months later.  And what I saw, was poor.  Theory was everywhere.

Gagne? Uh, yeah right.  Kirkpatrick? Who is still doing this – I know a few vendors have it, but still – most folks are unaware of all the steps, etc.  ADDIE?  I am never surprised on the number of people who do not know what this is – every day folks I am referring to, not an instructional designer or e-learning developer.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had quite a few readers ask me whether or not there is a book they can buy to learn how to build a course.  And while there are plenty, I find most of them outdated as soon as they are published.

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