Choose One Goal This Year

Reflect on this. What would happen if you chose only one goal to focus on this year? Just one. If you spent a few hours a week working on your goal, how would you be transformed by the end of the year?

A personal goal seems different than a New Year’s resolution. A goal is not a vague idea or wish. It is more specific and can be broken down into smaller chunks, making it more achievable. A goal provides a way for you to focus, to be inspired and motivated.

“Goals help you to achieve what you want and feel the satisfaction of self-improvement. It’s easier to know what to work on and what merits your attention. If you spend your days working on the right things, the things that add value and help you achieve your goals, you’ll achieve the goals more quickly,” writes productivity coach, Ciara Conlon in Productivity for Dummies.

Choosing a Goal

How do you choose a goal? Tune in and reflect.

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