Can you recommend an LMS?

Perhaps you have to someone you know.  Or maybe you have posted this same question on various social media platforms such as Linkedin.

Or you have seen it posted someone on the internet.  I know I have.  Seen it that is.  In the past couple of months, this question is making the rounds on Linkedin with the usual responses that follow.

a. Vendors saying “have you looked at XYZ” (which is their system)

b.  Consumers saying “We like ZYX” (and some of the consumers are resellers, so again it is more of pointing towards..

The problem with asking random folks to recommend an LMS is that they have no idea on what specific functionality you need, nor your budget, nor your challenges or issues you are facing, nor your requirements, nor your training approach or L&D approach, nor your experience with e-learning.

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